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Friends of Caritas Cubana

Caritas Cubana is the humanitarian and social services arm of the Catholic Church in Cuba. Caritas Cubana serves the most vulnerable populations on the island: the elderly, children at risk, the sick and disabled, persons living with HIV/AIDS and victims of natural disasters.  In 2018, the board of the committee reevaluated and assessed the best approach to rebranding and updating a website that had been in operation for over 18 years. I was tasked in providing brand guidelines as well as a new logo concept and identity design which included an identity system and resources.  Following the completed brand & style guidelines, a small team then developed and redesigned the website, all within an 8 month timeline leading to the 20 year anniversary event of the organization. 

Client / 

Friends of Caritas Cubana


Role / 

Creative Direction

Year / 


Deliverables / 

Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines


Application Design

Photography Style

Website Redesign


Creative Director / 

Kristin Junco

Designer / 

Kristin Junco

Wordpress Website Designer / 

YingChi Hsu

Photographers / 

Ari Weiss

Aaron Weiss

Zack Roif

Video Producer / 

Matt Ruscio

Videographer / 

Dan Withrow

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