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Social Strategy & Editorial Campaigns 


Carbonite approached us with with a challenge to measure, analyze and develop a social plan that would target their audience and engage consumers in articles related to the brands important topics. Our plan was to establish formalized storytelling pillars that can better assess content for social and develop strategies tailored for displaying related content. We then developed a social media playbook to guide channel best practices and content creation with a unified brand voice and look & feel. Finally, leveraging both in-house and outside video and photography studio capabilities to power social and advertising content. The five social content pillars include, content that focuses on high-level business decisions related to data protection, content focused on data threats and how to protect against them, Thought leadership on important topics such as net neutrality, the brands corporate culture and finally content developed around the brands growth. 

Client / 


Role / 

Art Direction

Agency / 

Weber Shandwick

Year / 

2016 - 2019

Deliverables / 

Social Strategy & Content



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Art Director / 

Kristin Junco

Designer / 

Kristin Junco

Animator / 

Kristin Junco

Copywriters / 

Sara Brody

Ali Clionsky

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